Custom Bulk Salve Bases for CBD

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining information about bulk, melt & pour bases for CBD.

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A simple way to grow your CBD business with your own unique salve formula!
1. Sign a mutual confidentiality agreement
2. Select your base (liquid for spray, pump or roll-on; soft for pumps;  whipped, traditional salve; stick)
3. Select add-ons
4. Select an essential oil blend, or create your own
5. Melt your salve, add your oil-soluble CBD and essential oils
6. Pour

Who buys from us?
– CBD Retailers 
– CBD Manufacturers and Distributors
– Hemp Farmers
– Medical Industry and Specialty Compounding Pharmacies
– Cosmetic Companies looking to expand into topical CBD products
– Start-ups
– Brands that want bulk product for white label

1 gallon and 5 gallon options available. For 55 gallon drums, please contact us.

P.S. We don’t charge formulation fees!

Other Custom Products

What are you looking for? We can make pretty much anything you want!

If you want a high-quality product and a high-integrity partnership, you’ve come to the right place.

We source only the highest-quality ingredients possible, many of which are food-grade, certified organic and grown by American farmers. Our products are PETA cruelty-free, vegan, supported by the Texas Dept. of Agriculture and based in natural medicine.

        • salves, topical plant-based medicines
        • oil-based products (serums, body, feet, hair oils)
        • tattoo products (during tattoo process used by artists, after care, brighteners)
        • hydrosol-based products (serums, mists)
        • clays (masks for face, body, hair, powders)
        • salts (scrubs, soaks)
        • full product lines (men’s, baby, beauty, pet)
        • custom product lines

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining information about bulk, creating a custom line or obtaining access to our wholesale catalogue. 

SALVE NATURALS  |  (281) 684-0755  |  Made in USA


NO Artificial fragrance
NO Aluminum
NO Petrochemicals
NO Phthalates
NO Propylene glycol
NO Mineral oils
NO Silicone
NO Artificial dyes
NO Sulfates
NO Parabens
NO Junk
NO Unnecessary Ingredients