“Cosmetic labeling must be truthful and not misleading. Products intended to affect the structure or function of the body, or for a therapeutic purpose, such as treating or preventing disease, are subject to regulation as drugs.”   See FDA Cosmetics Labeling Guidelines

It is ubiquitous in the CBD industry to make product claims such as “pain relief.” These claims are illegal unless your product is registered with the FDA and has been reviewed. To date, the FDA will not register a product as an OTC if it contains CBD.

We offer a complimentary service to our customers for reading and reviewing product labels for FDA compliance. It is complimentary for products that contain our formulation; however, a $150 per label review fee will apply to all other products not manufactured by SALVE.

This service offers you a second set of eyes to help ensure proper labeling requirements are being met.

Things we review:
– terms/claims made that may trigger FDA noncompliance
– accurate mandatories (volume/weight, ingredients, manufacturer info, etc.)
– inconsistency in font or graphical placement
– legibility
– text proof reading

*Label review does not constitute legal advice, and SALVE offers no guarantees or warranties for its review service


Coming soon. If you’d like for us to refer you to a third party, please let us know.